All Saints Day

A new beginning of the month and an important celebration comes to us on this day. We want you to be part of this story that enlightens us to approach the sacred Word of Jesus. A very special holiday that is probably celebrated in your country. Do you know what it is?

All Saints' Day is a date to remember and pay homage to those saints already recognized and those who are not so well known.

It is the beginning of a month that allows us to reflect on our closeness to the Holy Spirit, understanding that Faith is the path to salvation.

This communion vindicates the participation of the Holiness of God of each one of the saints that were proclaimed in the past. Figures that represent a spiritual guide for us and that we should praise in prayer.

Understand that the Saints are people who lived their lives in a unique way, many times actively participating, others being the channel of the miracle of life. They achieved fulfillment when they met Jesus and saved their lives, being happy and giving all the love that was in their hearts.

To be a Saint is to be able to continue in the way of the Lord, to want and to do good for the children of the Heavenly Parent. Which Saint do you venerate? Does any patron represent you better in the Faith?

Some of them are well known and very famous. Women like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, St. Augustine, St. Therese were able to turn their lives completely to receiving the Glory of the Heavenly Father. Other Saints reached unimagined places, proclaiming the word of the Lord, instructing and collaborating so that the message can reach the whole world.

These missionaries succeeded in building communities, caring for the sick, the displaced and the homeless. All representing the will of God, they remind us in life that as humans who share this earthly space we must follow the divine mission of the Lord.

On this day of celebration we should remember the role they recognized before God. They represent a model of people that we can follow and imitate to reach the Lord.

They are stimuli that we incorporate into our daily lives, to remember their struggle and devotion, on this day we pray and remember them with gratitude.

They all have something in common that we must learn from: they remain with a routine where the light of the Savior guides them to their eternal inheritance. We must be able to hear the Word and proclaim it to those who need it most.

We must make a clarification since All Saints' Day is often confused with All Souls' Day (also known as All Souls' Day). This celebration is held on November 2 and seeks recognition for those faithful who are no longer among us.

Praying and praying for their departed souls to reach their destiny, many celebrations are held with parties and performing ceremonies (very special and massive as they are performed in Mexico).

What could you do to become a Saint? Do you consider that your life is aligned with the Holy Spirit? Begin this new month and prayerfully give thanks that the Lord is the reason your life needs to go on.

Take time to Pray: Use the new November prayer of the month 

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